Why join NCINPAC

As Indian Americans we enjoy almost everything in terms of education, skill sets, financial strength and responsibility within the various areas of our work and business. Many of us have felt the need for greater political participation and protection of our interests as a group. When we speak with one voice from one platform, the political elements take a much greater notice.  As a group, the Indian American community helps create jobs, manage huge streams of revenue, innovate, treat diseases and teach in educational institutions. Its time for us to also contribute to the political process, at a much more involved level than we do now.


Well if you do not care, then very few will. There are many issues that impact us as Indian Americans. The Indian American community is acutely interested in issues such as Higher standards of education,  policy decisions affecting professions in Medicine, Engineering, Science and Real Estate.  Some of the ways to affect well meaning and important policy initiatives is to actively become part of school and university boards, and in advisory boards for the state government. When we have top performing kids in schools, specialty doctors running large practices and real estate entrepreneurs owning and managing large assets, it becomes imperative that we engage more actively in the political processes that shape the policies that affect all these areas.  For those of you that cannot be involved politically, your financial contribution is a welcome and much needed form of involvement that will help NCINPAC achieve its goals. NCINPAC, among other things, can use the community’s involvement to support political candidates that align with its objectives.

NCINPAC Membership Application